Interventional, randomized, double blind, parallel group, placebo-controlled delayed start study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of eptinezumab in patients with episodic Cluster headache

by | Mar 16, 2021


To determine if eptinezumab is a safe and effective treatment for those who suffer from episodic Cluster headache

Key Criteria:

▪ adult (18-75) with episodic cluster headache diagnosis

▪  reliable history of previous acute and preventative medication use for eCH for at least 12 months

▪  prior history of cluster period(s) lasting ≥ 6 weeks

▪  no previous failure of anti-CGRP therapies

▪ anti-CGRP therapies disallowed for 5 months for mAbs and 1 month for gepants prior to screening

▪ no oral steroids or GON blocks 30 days prior to screening until end of week 4

▪ willing to have 2 vyepti infusions, one of which is placebo

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