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At Diamond Headache, we understand the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with our referring physicians. Our commitment to referring physicians will be to provide rapid availability for new patients to obtain an appointment.  We will provide open communication and are committed to serving patients in a responsive, collaborative and caring way to drive the highest level of care.

Refer a Patient

The specialists at Diamond Headache are committed to working with you hand in hand to find the right treatment for your patient. To refer your patient to Diamond Headache please complete the steps below:

Step 1

Complete the Referring Physician Form. Please be sure to include all required fields.

Step 2

A representative from the New Patient Department will be in contact with the potential new patient within 24-48 hours, to review information, answer questions and schedule the initial appointment.

Step 3

We will share the clinical notes, treatment plan and collaborate care with you.

Outpatient Clinic

Chicago • Hoffman Estates • Greenfield

Outpatient Clinic

Our state-of-the-art outpatient headache clinic provides treatment and headache management techniques from pioneers in the field of headache diagnosis and treatment. When it comes to ongoing headaches and migraines, we understand what you’re experiencing — the distress and the history of unsuccessful treatments. That is why we’re committed to making sure you leave our migraine clinic with a renewed sense of confidence in your ability to manage your headaches and live your best life.





We are among the first headache and migraine treatment centers in the country to offer a complete and dedicated inpatient option for patients. We have a private 43-bed unit at Ascension Saint Joseph – Chicago in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. Patients can receive one-on-one physician-guided care as a patient, whether that means massage therapy, recreational therapy, biofeedback or other treatment options. Whether we’re treating pediatric, adult or senior patients, we work with each person individually to identify solutions for acute headache pain.


what our peers are saying

“Over the years I have sent my most difficult teens to Diamond headache and they have come back feeling much better. I know I always have an address when I need help!”

Jack Gladstein, MD Professor of Pediatrics University of MD Pediatric Associates Baltimore, MD

“I direct a medical school based tertiary care headache center in New York. We see large volumes of patients, but only a select few require inpatient care for detoxification and failed outpatient management. It makes no sense for outpatient headache programs to try to recreate a well-organized multidisciplinary inpatient program for these individuals who fare better when referred to Diamond Headache, where large volumes of patients have been treated for decades.”

-Mark Green Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai New York, NY

“I am a headache specialist and look to Diamond Headache for their excellent care when one of my patients needs an inpatient admission to break status migrinosus or needs to be detoxified from overused abortive meds. In my opinion, they represent one of the premier headache groups in the country particularly for very refractory headaches patients that we all struggle with. Thanks for all the great work that you do and for the service that you provide to headache patients worldwide!!!!”

Vince Martin University of Cincinnati Headache & Facial Pain Mason, OH

“The Diamond Headache Center has been valuable to my practice. When I started my dedicated Headache practice they welcomed me for several days to see “how it is done.” Over the years that I have taken care of many Headache patients I have shared with the Diamond Clinic patients and I have always appreciated the foundation they established and allowed me to build on the outstanding work they started. If you have a patient who is “on fire” and needs to be stabilized, I can recommend without reservation a referral to the Diamond Headache Clinic.”

D. Michael Ready, MD Baylor Scott & White Clinic – Temple, TX

“As a headache specialist, I and my colleagues at the New York Headache Center see many patients with complicated and difficult-to-treat problems. Fortunately, in addition to the well-established treatments, we also have many new drugs. Some patients, however, suffer from headaches that do not respond to any of the new and old therapies, both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic. This is when I refer patients to Diamond Headache, the oldest in-patient program in the country. I explain to my patients that even if they have not responded to various individual treatments that they might have tried in isolation, by going to the Diamond Headache Center they will have the benefit of an intensive multidisciplinary approach. By undergoing multiple types of therapy at the same time they will have a better chance of breaking the cycle of pain. I also tell patients that I have known the doctors at the Diamond Headache Center for many years and have great respect for their knowledge, judgment, and bedside manners.”

Alexander Mauskop, MD New York Headache Center – New York, NY

“I have known Dr. Diamond for at least 25 years, have worked with her in educational forums, on advising colleagues, and have shared numerous patients with her and referred many patients to her over this extended time. I consider her one of the greatest Headache Medicine physicians in the world. She has run the largest Headache Medicine Clinic in the US and provided the most remarkable, compassionate, and thoughtful care to those most disabled by headaches. I seek her insight into ideas for improved care and access for patients with great regularity, and I take her counsel with the greatest respect. She is also a warm, wonderful person, and the clinical care she provides patients and the guidance she provides me and other professionals reflects her intelligence, knowledge, and consideration. I refer patients to her regularly, and was honored to provide this brief testimonial for her and the Diamond Headache Clinic.”

Stewart Tepper, MD Professor of Neurology Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Lebanon, NH

“I always know when I entrust my patients to the Diamond headache clinic, that they will be getting world class care with personalized attention. Patients always come back with compliments to the team. That means everything to me when I am sending them hundreds of miles away to get the specialized care they need.”

Jessica Ailani MD Director of Medstar Georgetown Headache Center, Washington D.C.

“The Diamond Headache Clinic is a unique and invaluable resource, even to those like myself who have specialized in Headache Medicine for 3 decades. The multidisciplinary approach and availability of intensive inpatient management have been critical in reversing the headache misfortunes of many of my patients who have suffered for years. My junior colleagues manage the challenging patients, I manage the really challenging patients, and Merle Diamond and her terrific team manage the really really challenging patients.”

Robert G. Kaniecki, MD Director of UPMC Headache Center, Pittsburgh, PA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my patient be seen at the Diamond Headache without having to be admitted to the inpatient unit?

Yes! After the new patient consultation, a Diamond Headache attending physician will make the recommendation moving forward what they feel is the best course of treatment on a patient by patient basis, whether to treat on an outpatient vs inpatient basis. If the patient is recommended for inpatient treatment, but unable to do so for whatever reason, Diamond Headache will still continue to treat on an outpatient basis.

How soon can my patient get an appointment as a new patient?

Once a referral is received, Diamond Headache will reach out directly to the patient for information and scheduling. In most circumstances, a new patient appointment can be obtained within 2 weeks of scheduling.

Can I refer my patient directly to the Diamond Headache Inpatient unit?

No. We do not admit directly from other physician’s offices or inpatient facilities. A patient must be seen in the clinic first by a Diamond Headache physician prior to admission. If our physician agrees that inpatient treatment is the appropriate treatment option, the patient can be admitted directly following.

What can I expect after my patient is discharged from the Diamond Headache Inpatient Unit?

Your patient will be discharged with discharge paperwork and instruction for continuum of care. We will request the patient to schedule an appointment with Diamond Headache for a 2 week post discharge follow up. Any routine treatment to continue headache maintenance from there can be done with their local physician.

Why does my patient need to be seen in the clinic before admission to the hospital?

A Diamond Headache physician first needs to assess the patient to determine the most appropriate treatment plan. If agreed upon that inpatient treatment is suitable, our doctor will be the one to write up the hospitalization orders.

How will you collaborate with me on my patients' care?

Once a patient completes their new patient appointment at the Diamond Headache Clinic, all clinicals & notes from the initial appointment will be sent to the referring physician. We will recommend follow up with the patient. The patient is more than welcome to reach out with any questions or concerns in the interim. That also goes for the clinician! We are happy to discuss the continuum of care once returning home.


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Outpatient Clinic

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Outpatient Clinic

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Outpatient Clinic

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Diamond Headache Clinic Inpatient Unit

*Inpatient Unit

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* Patients seeking inpatient treatment must be seen and evaluated by a Diamond Headache Clinic physician at one of our outpatient clinics first.

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