A multicenter, open label study assessing the efficacy of Erenumab on functional impact of migraine

by | May 4, 2021


To see what effect Erenumab has on health and lifestyle, beyond the effect on the number of migraine days each month.

Key Criteria:

▪ adults (18-65) with migraines 4 – 20 per month only
▪ migraines have at least a moderate impact on fuction
▪consistent migraine presentation in intensity and frequency for the last 90 days
▪ no CGRP medication in the last 6 months (prevention or rescue)
▪ no changes to prevention medication doses for the last 90 days
▪ no trigger point or nerve block injections for the last 2 months
▪ open to starting aimovig 140mg monthly X 3 doses

Join the Study

If you fit the key criteria and are interested in joining the study please email us at research@diamondheadache.com

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