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As professional colleagues, we invite your participation, patient referrals and insights.

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Know what to expect at each step of your Diamond Headache Clinic experience.

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Diamond Headache Clinic is the oldest and largest private headache center dedicated solely to the diagnosis and management of headache pain. It is also the one place where the team of headache doctors takes a personal interest in the long-term well-being of each patient.

Treatment – and beyond, for us, is about making a real life difference. It means becoming a partner, someone our patients feel comfortable calling five days, five months, five years from now, as their lives shift and their headache needs shift with it. It's about establishing a continuum of care that connects the treatment to the patient at every stage of the condition.

Our patients range in age from 5 to 80, so we have left no stone unturned in our approach to headache. The emphasis at our Migraine and Headache Center is on helping each patient find his or her own balance between lifestyle adjustments, medicinal therapies and alternative treatments. We know it is through a combination of these practices that patients gain personal power over their headache condition.

We were one of the first headache centers in the country to offer a complete and dedicated inpatient option. Our 37-bed unit at Saint Joseph Hospital in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago is a treatment destination for acute headache sufferers. The unit is adjacent to a secure pediatric area, where young patients and their families can experience the benefits of early intervention while interacting one-on-one with our team of headache doctors.

A Headache Center with a Heart

We want each person, regardless of age or medical history, to leave our headache clinic feeling listened to and informed. Equally important is for each person to regain a sense of confidence about their ability to effectively manage headache without compromising a true quality of life.

Many of our patients reach us in severe distress, having tried numerous unsuccessful treatments and often suffering out-of-control symptoms. Every aspect of the Diamond Headache Clinic experience says we understand exactly what that means. From connecting every patient with a headache doctor that actually wants to hear the details right down to the low lights, cool colors and quiet ambiance we've created in every area of this state-of-the-art headache center.

Headache Specialists Who Lead the Field

With Dr. Seymour Diamond setting the foundation upon which more than four decades of headache treatment has been built, we have assembled a Migraine and Headache Center unlike any other in the U.S. Each headache doctor is a highly trained expert who has chosen this condition as a primary medical emphasis.

Today's clinic leaders, which include his daughter, Dr. Merle Diamond, as well as top-rated physicians and headache specialists Dr. George Urban, believe in the same guiding principles that have set the Diamond Headache Clinic apart from all other headache clinics in the country. These principles focus on listening and remaining open-minded – to patients and to treatment opportunities.

Other headache clinics across the U.S. turn to Diamond Headache Clinic for professional insight and education. The annual conferences of the Diamond Headache Clinic Research and Educational Foundation in Florida, Chicago and Arizona draw hundreds of medical professionals eager to learn  how to stay on the cutting edge, and then incorporate those successes at their own headache clinics.

A Migraine and Headache Center with an Open Mind

The mind-body connection and an all-inclusive approach always have been obvious at the Diamond Headache Clinic. Although widely accepted today, our incorporation of biofeedback as a part of the therapy process was a pioneering approach introduced clinically by legendary headache specialist Dr. Seymour Diamond. It has been infused in the treatment regimen at other headache clinics worldwide.