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Diamond Headache Clinic is committed to getting you better and keeping you well. Gain control over your headache condition and manage your symptoms — and improve the quality of your life.

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A Migraine and Headache Center with an Open Mind

Based on the mind-body connection involved in headache pain, our multidisciplinary approach utilizes a balance of medical therapies, lifestyle adjustments and alternative treatments. We provide a continuum of care that connects the treatment to the patient at every stage of the condition — from diagnosis to personalized treatment to continual follow-up.

Comprehensive Treatment

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For comprehensive information about the types and symptoms of headaches and our multidisciplinary approach to their treatment, please click on the link below. You’ll also find details about visiting Diamond Headache Clinic, including patient forms, insurance and billing practices.

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A Headache and Pain Clinic With a Heart

Diamond Headache Clinic (DHC) is not only the oldest and largest private headache and pain center dedicated solely to the diagnosis and management of headache pain — we’re also the one personally committed to you. In fact, one of the key things that sets us apart is that our team of headache doctors takes a personal interest in the long-term well-being of each patient. Simply put, we care about you. The pain you’re experiencing matters to us. We not only want to treat your symptoms, we also want you to feel better so you can enjoy living life again.

At DHC, our idea of “treatment and beyond” means that we’re not just treating headaches, but we’re also forming relationships. We become a partner with every individual patient we serve, so that we can be a true advocate for healing. We want to be someone you feel comfortable calling five days, five months or even five years from now, as your life shifts and your headache needs shift along with it.

To give patients like you the best in comprehensive, personalized headache treatment and care, we have two care clinics:

  • Outpatient Clinic: Our state-of-the-art outpatient migraine clinic provides treatment and headache management techniques from pioneers in the field of headache diagnosis and treatment. When you come to receive care, your individualized treatment plan may include any combination of interventional procedures, nerve blocks, BOTOX® and more.
  • Inpatient Clinic: We were among the first headache and migraine treatment centers in the country to offer a complete and dedicated inpatient option for patients ranging in age from 5 to 80. Our 43-bed unit at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago is a leading specialty treatment destination for acute headache sufferers. Receive one-on-one physician-guided care as a patient, whether that means massage therapy, recreational therapy, biofeedback or other treatment options. Whether we’re treating pediatric, adult or senior patients, we work with each person individually to identify solutions for acute headache pain.

When it comes to ongoing headaches and migraines, we understand what you’re experiencing — the distress, the history of unsuccessful treatments. and the out-of-control symptoms. That’s why we’re committed to making sure you leave our migraine clinic feeling listened to and informed, and with a renewed sense of confidence in your ability to manage your headaches and live your best life.

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Treatments We Offer

We believe in a comprehensive approach to headache pain. This means we utilize any and every resource in a concrete, long-term plan for treating your condition and symptoms. Rather than combatting your pain with just one method, we combine strategies in order to maximize effectiveness. Our multidisciplinary approach can include a wide range of treatments, such as:

Every patient we work with receives an individualized treatment plan catered to his or her needs. When you come to us, we'll look at your unique situation and begin addressing your headaches with personalized care.

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Treatment and Beyond

What makes the Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago different from other treatment facilities?

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A Clinic That is Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

“I have been a patient at the Diamond Headache Clinic (DHC) for 6+ years. I used to get debilitating migraines/blindness 2 – 3 times a month and nothing I had tried had any discernible effect. After treatment with Dr. Merle, I'm down to having less than one mild headache each month. I couldn't be more pleased with my treatment at the DHC.” - T.S., Chicago, IL

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