Occipital Nerve Block For Headache Relief

Occipital Block for Migraine Relief

Injecting a local anesthetic or an anesthetic/steroid mixture into the occipital nerves can help alleviate pain from chronic headache. Although they can offer long-term relief, nerve blocks are not a cure, but rather a part of your overall treatment plan that includes drugs, lifestyle modifications and alternative therapies. The physicians at Diamond Headache Clinic have performed this procedure many times. Ask your doctor if an occipital nerve block is right for you.

What Is The Occipital Nerve?

The occipital nerves are spinal nerves that originate between the upper vertebrae of the spine and are located at the back of the head. Although they originate around the shoulders and neck, they can refer pain forward and cause headaches.

What Is an Occipital Nerve Block for Migraine?

An occipital nerve block can provide significant pain relief for some headache sufferers. It works by preventing the flow of pain signals from the occipital nerves that are causing the headache to the brain.

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The Procedure

The occipital nerve block procedure is done in your doctor’s exam room and takes only a minute or two to complete. Using a small needle, your doctor injects a solution into the area around the occipital nerves. Some physicians inject a long-lasting local anesthetic alone, while others prefer a solution that contains the local anesthetic as well as an anti-inflammatory steroid drug. No special preparation is needed, and you can drive and resume your daily activities afterward.

The procedure is fairly simple when performed by an experienced physician. Side effects are rare, the most common being a temporary numbness and injection-site soreness.

Headache Relief

For some patients, an occipital nerve block provides a better means of pain relief than oral medication. Pain relief can occur quickly, usually within 15 minutes of the procedure. For those patients who experience pain relief, the benefits may last from a day or two to weeks and even months. If you benefit only a little or not at all, then this probably is not a good option for you. Unfortunately, physicians cannot predict beforehand if this procedure will be effective — or how long the benefits will last — for any particular patient.

Live A Pain-Free Life

The occipital nerve block procedure may or may not be the solution for your headaches, but it is just one of the many therapies Diamond Headache Clinic has to help you live with less pain. Our specialists work closely with you to find a combination of treatments and healthy lifestyle changes that can reduce or lessen your headache symptoms and give you relief. No matter what type of headache pain interrupts your life, Diamond Headache Clinic will work to find a solution that best fits your condition.

By focusing on treating more than just the symptoms of your headaches, Diamond Headache Clinic provides you with a framework for a healthier lifestyle that can relieve your headaches and improve your overall health and wellness. Our specialists take a personalized, caring approach to your treatment, providing you with peace of mind. Headache pain doesn’t have to put your life on hold — schedule an appointment with Diamond Headache Clinic today and learn how we can help you find relief for your headaches.

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