Trigger Point Injections

Pain Relief for Headache and Migraine

Trigger Point Injection Treatment for Headache and Migraine Relief in Chicago, IL

A trigger point in one or more muscles may be the cause of your chronic or acute headache pain. If you receive this diagnosis, rest assured that the headache specialists at the Diamond Headache Clinic can help you. We offer trigger point injection for migraine and headache pain as part of our comprehensive range of treatments. Trigger point therapy has been proven effective in reducing the frequency and severity of headaches.

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Understanding Trigger Points- What Are They?

A trigger point is a tight band of muscle, or knot, that occurs when the muscle fails to relax. It develops as a result of injury, inflammation or trauma to the muscle. The trigger point can irritate the surrounding nerves, causing pain and tenderness not only in the affected muscle, but also in other parts of the body, including the head. When the pain occurs in a distant area, this is called referred pain. Trigger points can be found in patients suffering from migraine, tension, post-traumatic and other headache disorders, and may cause or worsen headache pain.

What Are Trigger Point Injections for Headache and Migraine?

A local anesthetic (possibly mixed with a steroid) is injected into the area of the muscle where the trigger point has formed. By returning the muscle to its relaxed state, the injection relieves the pain not only in the affected muscle, but also in the area of referred pain. If your doctor can feel a specific trigger point, most likely you will benefit from this procedure.

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The Procedure

The trigger point injection is safely given in a doctor’s office, does not require sedation and usually takes just a few minutes. After identifying the trigger point, your physician inserts a fine needle directly into that area through the muscle. The injection contains either a local anesthetic alone or a mixture of an anesthetic with a corticosteroid. The injection renders the trigger point inactive, alleviating pain and providing long-term relief. Several trigger points may be treated in a single visit.

Headache Relief

The anesthetic blocks pain receptors within the nerves, reducing pain signals sent to the brain. The steroid, if used, acts to reduce the inflammation of tissue around the nerves, which helps to reduce pain as well. Even without a steroid, the needle provides benefits mechanically — it separates, lengthens and relaxes the muscle fiber to decrease pain; for this reason, this option is ideal for patients who are allergic to anesthetic medication.

Immediately after the injection, you may experience much less pain both in the muscle and in the area of referred pain. Although some patients find that their pain is significantly reduced for weeks, others may experience no benefit at all. If the procedure is effective for you, your doctor may repeat it as needed.

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Diamond Headache Clinic wants to help all migraine sufferers find relief. Trigger Point Injections for headaches and migraines is just one of many treatment options we offer. If you feel that you would be a good fit for this treatment, or wish to discuss other treatment options with a headache and migraine specialist, call us at 1-800-HEADACHE to schedule a consultation. Our team will help you determine which treatment is best for your condition based on your symptoms and medical history.

If you doctor has referred you to a headache specialist for trigger point injection treatment, contact us today to schedule your appointment. Relief may be just a few steps away. Don't delay — call Diamond Headache Clinic today, or schedule your appointment conveniently online.

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