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Dr. Seymour Diamond built the foundation upon which more than four decades of headache treatment has been built. The migraine and headache center that he and his colleagues founded is unlike any other in the U.S. Each headache doctor is a highly trained expert who has chosen this condition as a primary medical emphasis.

Today’s clinic leaders, including his daughter, Dr. Merle Diamond, as well other top-rated physicians, believe in the same guiding principles that have set the Diamond Headache Clinic apart from all other headache clinics in the country. These principles focus on listening and remaining open-minded — to patients and to treatment opportunities.

If you feel that your headache patients could benefit from the Diamond Headache Clinic’s specialized services, please feel free to refer them to us for a consultation. Our office staff will happily contact your referred patients to schedule their initial visit.

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Passing along what we’ve learned and discovering what other headache professionals have found make us all better practitioners. We appreciate engaging in professional conversations about headache conditions, treatments, management and therapeutic approaches. We invite all of our colleagues to join us in this conversation by using our blog as a reference tool, contacting us directly or through our foundation, and attending foundation events.

Research and Educational Foundation

Other headache clinics across the U.S. turn to us for professional insight and education. The annual conferences of the Diamond Headache Clinic Research and Educational Foundation in Florida, Chicago and California draw hundreds of medical professionals eager to lean how to stay on the cutting edge and then incorporate those successes at their own headache clinics. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event.

The Diamond Headache Clinic also conducts research studies, using interested patients as participants. Our goal is to increase understanding of the nature of headaches so that we can improve treatment and/or prevent headaches from recurring. We study medications as well as natural therapies for migraine and headache. Contact us to learn more about our ongoing patient research.

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