Severe Headache

Inpatient Treatment in Chicago, IL for Severe Headache

What Happens If My Headache or Migraine Is Really Severe?

After your thorough physical examination and a complete review of your medical history and lifestyle, one of our headache specialists may recommend admission to our inpatient unit at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. At this acute medical unit, you receive the intense and immediate treatment necessary to stabilize your condition and create an effective long-term outpatient plan. Services provided here are more intense than is possible on an outpatient basis, and include accelerated pain reduction efforts, intravenous acute and preventive drug regimens, behavior modification therapies and other interventions.

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Diamond Inpatient Headache Unit

We were the first headache center in the country with a complete and dedicated inpatient option. Diamond Headache Clinic’s 43-bed unit at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital is the best treatment destination for acute headache sufferers. At this unit, our patients and their families experience the benefits of early intervention while interacting one-on-one with our team of headache specialists. The unit’s pediatric division is set up to accommodate our youngest patients and their families.

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Severe Headache Treatment at Presence Saint Joseph

At the Diamond Inpatient Headache Unit, we encourage well behavior by teaching patients to cope with pain in healthy, constructive ways. Patients wear street clothes and participate in recreational and therapeutic programs during their stay. We strongly discourage regression into pain behaviors, including withdrawal and lack of routine. An entire team of physicians, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, dietitians, physical and activity therapists, and counselors is involved in the care of each patient, offering diagnosis and treatment as part of a multidisciplinary approach.

How Can I Find Out More About the Inpatient Unit?

To learn more about our inpatient unit at Presence Saint Joseph Hospital and how to prepare for your stay there, please visit the inpatient page.

Presence Saint Joseph in Chicago is conveniently located near hotels, restaurants, transportation and more. For information on accommodations and getting around while your loved one is an inpatient, please click here.

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