Living Well

A Commitment for Life

When you have a headache condition, living well is a lifelong goal. You will work hard to achieve  balance with your condition, and you will even harder to keep it.

At Diamond Headache Clinic, ours is a lifelong goal, too. We want every patient to remember what they set out to accomplish when they came to us: regaining a “normal” life – and we want that control over personal wellness to endure.

Like your commitment to initial treatment, your dedication to living well requires active participation – by you and us. We plan to be there far beyond treatment, helping you cope with and control your condition at every stage of life.

We encourage you to remember some very important messages we convey throughout treatment:

  • First and foremost: stick to your routine. It is your best connection to the mind-body relationship. When you begin to experience symptoms, it becomes much easier to track how and why if you know where your routine is off.
  • Exercise every day to reduce stress. The benefits far outweigh any inconvenience you may experience.
  • Avoid falling back into old patterns that may trigger a headache. After working with us, you likely know what brings on symptoms. While you have learned how to control those symptoms, you can avoid them all together by avoiding the causes.
  • Eat well and in moderation. Remember to stay away from caffeine, alcohol and high-sugar, high-carbohydrate foods that fill you up with empty calories. The physiological effects of what you consume have a direct impact on your headache condition. Don't skip meals and don't wait until you are starving to eat something.
  • Drink plenty of water. Your body will do more to help you flush toxins and stave off headache if you keep yourself well-hydrated.
  • Use your training. You've been given the tools to control your body's autonomic responses. Use it to your advantage when you feel a headache coming on.
  • Take your prescribed medications. Do not self-medicate. The pharmacology behind your treatment is well-researched and intended to help you stay well. 
  • Immediately alert us to any significant changes in your headache condition. You've worked hard to stabilize yourself, and early intervention often is key in maintaining that stability.