Headache Treatments

Treatment Hinges on Teamwork at Our Migraine Clinic

Creating a migraine headache clinic that takes patients beyond immediate care into real lifestyle improvement requires a multidisciplinary approach and a complete continuum of care. It's a philosophy that must be embraced by every migraine specialist and clinician on the team, and then translated to each patient at every stage.

At Diamond Headache Clinic, we challenge ourselves to be the best migraine and headache clinic anywhere. Setting the standard by which all other headache and migraine clinics are judged means our headache and migraine specialists examine every treatment option and properly connect it to a concrete, long-term plan. 

Our multidisciplinary team consists of the nation's leading headache and migraine specialists and allied health providers; and unlike other migraine headache clinics, our team actively participates in the full continuum of care. 

An Inpatient Treatment Role Model for Migraine Headache Clinics


While at the Diamond Inpatient Headache Unit of Saint Joseph Hospital, our patients begin to experience our exceptional one-on-one, physician-guided treatments.

Specific therapy methods our migraine specialists embrace are: 

  • Individualized Drug Therapy: The on-staff pharmacist at our migraine clinic's inpatient unit  takes the lead here to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Psychological Intervention: Patients participate in group sessions with a staff psychologist. The patient's clinic headache physician may also prescribe individual psychological and psychiatric counseling.
  • Biofeedback Training:This non-drug therapy augments other therapies, and is recognized by our headache and migraine specialists as a key element to lessen the severity of – or even halt the onset of – a patient's headache. It is a critical element of treatment for children with headaches. 
  • Physical and Activity Therapy: Your headache and migraine specialist will include exercise, diathermy and other activities to help alleviate headache.
  • Detoxification: Medically supervised withdrawal from analgesic medications is often necessary to lessen or eliminate drug dependence.
  • Family Involvement: The staff of our migraine headache clinic encourages family participation to understand the condition.

Outpatient Treatment Unrivaled by Other Migraine Clinics

Outpatient care at our migraine clinic requires a personal investment of time, not only by the migraine specialist, but also the patient. It begins with a thorough medical history; a psychological-intake assessment; and a nutritional assessment. Evaluation continues with a complete physical, psychological and neurological examination. Some lab tests performed by other doctors or at other migraine headache clinics may need to be repeated or enhanced to ensure accurate diagnosis.

In short, patients should expect a first visit to our migraine headache clinic to take at least three hours. Based on the total evaluation, the migraine clinic staff plans an individualized treatment regimen that may include:

  • Medication component: A program of specific therapeutic agents is utilized. Patient response is closely monitored to evaluate efficacy and minimize side effects;
  • Lifestyle-modification component: Patients are instructed in the areas of diet, recreation, sleep patterns, and other habits linked to headaches. Unlike other headache and migraine clinics, our multi-disciplinary approach puts strong emphasis on these non-medicinal treatments;
  • Biofeedback training component: This non-drug therapy gives the patient ample opportunity to actively participate in their treatment and in alleviating headache symptoms. About 70 percent of all patients, especially children with headache and pregnant women who prefer to avoid medication, benefit from this training. It augments other therapies, and is particularly useful for patients in whom stress is a major contributing factor to headaches, or for those patients who are unable to use standard headache agents. These techniques have been adopted by other migraine headache clinics throughout the country.